Infant Feeding: Anatomy of a Controversy 1973–1984

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It often disturbed public opinion, being concerned, as it is, with nothing less than the life and death of babies.

The infant food industry was directly accused of having caused a decline in breast-feeding through the inappropriate marketing of breast milk substitutes. The problem was said to be particularly acute in poor under-developed communities, because illiterate mothers were unable to understand instructions for its use, water was often contaminated and, in order to "stretch" an admittedly expensive product, it was over-diluted.

Adaptations of the cetacean hyolingual apparatus for aquatic feeding and thermoregulation

The inevitable result, said the critics of industry, was malnutrition, gastroenteritis and increased infant mortality. These were very serious charges against companies which had until then been generally considered to provide an important contribution to medical progress and child health. Perhaps it became the target because it was the longest establishment, and served well as a symbol of the whole industry. It is a story which is full of confrontations, intrigue and passionately-held opinions, based, nevertheless, on a sizeable body of medical science.

After countless twists and turns, it has some sort of "happy ending". Yet a great deal remains to be said, as will be seen throughout the book.

Off their conversation, Amelia raced to Richard and admitted that she was thinking of taking in Betty. Owen was for the idea, too.

Infanticide in a mammal-eating killer whale population

But he wanted Amelia and Betty to stay with him and Leo. Maybe they could give the baby back his mom.

Fired up, she ran to Carina and asked point blank if she liked kids. Sure, Carina said. Her brother had been coddled, and look at him — he was in a fetal position over Sam!

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Richard, on the other hand, had totally played her. That night, it was clear that Maggie had forgiven Jackson. Betty agreed to come live with Owen, Amelia and Leo. Amelia immediately set ground rules, like that Betty had to text her family, quit drugs and attend meetings.

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But it looked like this had some potential to work. Arizona instead suggested someone else — Carina, who anything but coddled him. That meant she was dead, he said. Or wandering the streets. Sanjay Roy approached Bailey as she left the hospital to inform her that Grey Sloan was being sued for feeding Vik a psychotropic cookie and then firing him.

Infant Feeding: Anatomy of a Controversy by John Dobbing, Frank Falkner -

But, Vik said perkily, he could start back on Monday. Liking the potential dynamic of Owen and Amelia playing house? Hit the comments. You will be redirected back to the article in seconds. Click here to subscribe.